Final Report

The final report of the People's Inquiry into Privatisation is now available: click here to download your copy.

A shorter summary version is available by clicking here.

The launch of the report is just the beginning. If you'd like to get involved in turning the recommendations into reality, click here to find out more and join the campaign.

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  • Debbie Tucker
    commented 2017-11-02 10:02:09 +1100
    The main problem is that most people do not realize that Australian govt (like the US, and the UK, and Canada and many other countries) can ISSUE MONEY WITH ALMOST NO CONSTRAINTS! The greedy knew this, but they DO NOT WANT THE PUBLIC TO KNOW. So they lie ALL THE TIME – ‘debt’ (no, you do not have an actual debt), ’can’t afford’ (yes, all these countries can afford what they want if their are workers and goods available to produce what is desired), and so on. What they are doing is DUPING the public and creating a SMOKESCREEN, in particular about privatization – which allows the people running a privatized system to BILL THE GOVT ANY AMOUNT, providing massive exec salaries and million/billions in GUARANTEED PROFITS.
    THAT has been the biggest scam in many countries since the 70’s – mainly perpetrated by the pathologically greedy in the US, spreading the tentacles of greed and predatory capitalism to many countries, including Australia. That is probably a big reason they took out your Prime Minister Whitlam in 1975 – my bet is that he was not OK with the corrupt proposals to enrich the few.
    You need to listen to your own professor of economics, Bill Mitchell, to learn the TRUTH about your monetary system, and what CAN and SHOULD be done to fight the liars and their lies.

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