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Thanks to everyone who made a submission. We have received hundreds of submissions from individuals and organisations, and are currently working on analysing the submissions to produce a final report for the inquiry, to be released early 2017. 

  • Roger Tonkin
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-09-02 15:35:52 +1000
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  • Roger Tonkin
    commented 2016-09-02 15:34:39 +1000
    Outsourcing of Public Service functions is not strictly a privatisation issue, but it is part of the same agenda. Outsourcing is justified on the grounds of increased efficiency (‘private is always more efficient than public’) and on the grounds of cutting back on expenditure. It is also claimed to be a source of independent expert advice. That is what a properly resourced non-politicised public service used to be, what is still can be, and what it should be. The Public Service has been gutted by successive Coalition governments. It has been politicsed and its capacity to provide independent advice has been eroded. The claim that outsourcing is independent and cheaper is questionable. Private sector consultants are not cheap, nor are they independent. They are biased politically in favour of small government and a ‘private is better than public’ view of how modern economies should operate. Direct self-interest may not be overt, but there is an implicit bias in favour of serving the interests of the private sector rather than the public sector. The notion of a public good no longer exists. Australia needs to return to bipartisan support for a well-resourced non-politicised Public Service, imbued with a belief in the notion of the public good, in the role of the Public Service in providing independent expert advice to government, and dedicated to safe-guarding the public and the national interest.

    Private Education is generously resourced by government, Public Education is under-resourced. Australia was a much fairer and equitable nation when Public Education was universally supported. The balance of funding in favour of Public Education and a needs-based distribution of funding and resources to schools – the Gonski model – needs to be restored.
  • Fay Hicks
    commented 2016-09-02 15:19:46 +1000
    Privatisation only benefits the company that has won a contract from the Government NOT the people that are looked after by the Department that oversees legislation passed by parliament. I want to be able too talk too an Australian who lives and works here and is employed by the Department that is responsible for overseeing the rules.

    I want don’t want to lodge forms online I want too talk too a real person and receive advice that isn’t generic via a letter I want too be able too get answers too my questions I understand in plain English not from some call centre in the Philippines or India or elsewhere in the world.

    Healthcare is not a profit making concern and never should be too the Government they are not a private company taxes pay their wages and that money should be spent by them too look after Australians who need good quality healthcare not companies out too make a profit.
  • Rob Vail
    commented 2016-09-02 15:17:50 +1000
    I worked as a public school teacher for 35 years to educate students to contribute to Australia.

    I support public education, public TAFE & Medicare. Privatisation is for profit not to serve the people!
  • Laura Williamson
    commented 2016-09-02 12:24:18 +1000
    We need quality public services to fully access good health,education and childcare.

    We have a RIGHT to services like medicare and TAFE to remain public.

    I support quality PUBLIC health care , NOT privatisation.
  • Steve Johns
    commented 2016-09-02 12:17:50 +1000
    Privatisation is unethical. The only reason a company buys anything is to make a profit from it so any government owned asset or service that is privatised will cost the same to produce and will cost the consumer that plus a profit margin. This will result in either it costing more or the service being diminished. Company directors (I have been one) are legally obliged to always act in the interest of their share holders, not their consumers.
  • Henry & Amanda Jupp
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-09-02 11:38:12 +1000
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  • Henry & Amanda Jupp
    commented 2016-09-02 11:37:50 +1000
  • Mark Marusic
    commented 2016-09-02 11:26:22 +1000
  • Gillian Graham
    commented 2016-09-02 11:01:57 +1000
    Privatising services has proved a disaster. Look at education – TAFE for instance and some of the privatised colleges. Look at the Scandinavian countries and how they provide wonderful services for EVERYONE.
  • Peter Bursky
    commented 2016-09-02 11:01:29 +1000
    The political leaders of our country, acting on the behalf of the people, have no right to sell off the public services people rely on. Privatisation is profit based and cares only for a select few investors and share holders. We need a full government support system that enables the health and well-being of the people and environment to flourish. Rarely am I not shocked at the pathetic ways in which the Australian Government carries on in relation to keeping public services active and supported.
  • Allan Royal
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-09-02 10:47:37 +1000
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  • Allan Royal
    commented 2016-09-02 10:47:01 +1000
    Privatisation sells all our country’s assets till there’s none left. Privatisation also means

    increasing costs which I [a pensioner] cannot afford. Corporations will then effectively run the country. I urge you to really look at what is at stake. We do not want to be like the USA which has seen incredible Medical costs which some people Just can’t afford to get medical treatment.

    Please do not go down the road the the USA has chosen.
  • Maree Barron
    commented 2016-09-02 10:46:13 +1000
    I have gotten my qualifications through tafe. which without I wouldn’t be a diesel mechanic and a horticulturist. The first was a government apprentiship and the second was while I worked in the nursery industry. All thanks to our public TAFE system and in S.A one of the highest quality and best delivered TAFE systems in our country. Do Not Privatise TAFE. DON’T SELL OUR ASSETS TO MAKE A SHORT TERM GAIN. ONCE THERE GONE WE LOOSE THEM FOREVER. AND CAN’T GET THEM BACK.
  • Merryn Lagaida
    commented 2016-09-02 09:57:03 +1000
    Privatisation has real effects – it can eliminate good jobs for women in the public sector and erode a range of public services designed to support women. And we know that when public services are inadequate, women everywhere are hit harder than men,filling the gap through unpaid care work.

    We don’t want to see the health and wellbeing of Australian women being sold for a profit.
  • Will Worthington
    commented 2016-09-02 09:52:13 +1000
    Privatisation simply doesn’t work. It takes efficient and essential public services/resources and puts them in the hands of people who’s only interest is in personal profit and/or shareholder dividends. The services deteriorate there is no public accountability and government washes it’s hands – like Pontius Pilate – of any responsibility for what is the fabric of our community. Witness the provision of Tertiary Technical Education which is a mire of corruption and inefficiency requiring investigation and restructure.
  • jenny taylor
    commented 2016-09-02 09:43:40 +1000
    No more privatisation, All Australians have a right to expect the elected government to serve us the Australian people, not the private sector that comes from outside of Australia. Keep on selling Australia ,soon their won’t be any Australia ,it will be owned by countries overseas.
  • Kevin McDonnell
    commented 2016-09-02 09:04:40 +1000
    Governments have a duty to foster the common good of all citizens. One of the ways it can do this is by provision of services in areas such as health, education and protection of the environment. It is vital that important services not be privatised and made the occasion for profit by individuals or corporations. I urge to you resist moves to privatise such services. Thank you.
  • Mitch Smith
    commented 2016-09-02 08:59:41 +1000
    Privatization of public-built commons is insane.

    It delivers national power into the hands of private individuals at the expense of the people and the peoples’ government.

    It eventually puts all public representatives (you) out of a job.

    It costs more due to the addition of profit margins.

    It shifts wealth from everyone who rely on the public commons into the hands of a few wealthy people.

    It amounts to treason.

    We are watching.
  • Frances Watson
    commented 2016-09-02 08:47:10 +1000
    I have paid tax since 1969. I believe that the society needs basic services provided by the state to support its citizens. Women need to have access to childcare, medical treatment, education along with access to employment. Equal access to education will support the society in that all citizens regardless of parental income can have the opportunity to training and employment.

    I believe that the state should support the arts and science and the environment. Australia is a society not just a geographic and economic structure to be exploited by multi national corporations. Business should not become the new colonists and the citizens the exploited residents as in the 18th century.
  • Helene Gaul
    commented 2016-09-02 08:39:48 +1000
    I worked in the Australian Public Service in a number of departments and agencies for 40 years. I have seen the effects of outsourcing of services resulting in reduced services to employees. I believe there are many services that should never be outsourced. Often the outsizing or privatisation of services is made to save money but in the long term it ends up costing more. Privatisation also results in loss of in service skills. I believe the outsourcing of services in regional, remote and off shore locations has also damaged the government’s reputation within Australia and in other countries.
  • Daniel Blogg
    commented 2016-09-02 08:36:26 +1000

    I am making a submission in regards to the privatisation of public services (an oxymoron in concept not just words). I have been a child of privileged upbringing, attending a private school and I find it sad that others of privilege would take away the public services that better our brothers and sisters for the profit of a few.

    I will not accept the excuse of financial viability, this excuse shows a failure of the leaders in government doing their job in protect the rights to health and education of all the citizens of Australia regardless of their place of birth or heritage.

    Those of privilege who have not had to suffer debt to better or heal themselves are out of touch with the people who suffer at the hands of greedy money loving people who lack the ability to see the value in providing services at minimal cost or taxation and would rather invest in war mongering activities with the label of providing a safe and better future when reality is that war mongering is just jeopardising our brothers and sisters future.

    Shame on those that would enslave their brothers and sisters with debt rather than free them of the financial burden to live a good life with basic human rights for all, not just those born of privilege.

    All the best in the fight against the greedy and self serving politicians who would sell out their own mother for a bigger house and material possessions that gratify themselves and no one else.

    Daniel Blogg
  • Owen Brown
    commented 2016-09-02 07:48:45 +1000
    I was totally opposed to sell off our utilities and am now totally opposed to sell off of our various Public Service organisations. Service does not improve as driven by profit margins, government washes it’s hands so no one is accountable, security becomes an issue, Australian governments have proven to be niavely inept at bargained contracts often leaving us owing millions over many years. It is a one time sell off to get a small bucket of money and you can never get it back. No. No!!
  • tony brooks
    commented 2016-09-02 07:41:46 +1000
    This is Australia, the best country in the world. Do not dare to turn us into a dog eat dog, rich and poor system a la America.
  • Tim Bailey
    commented 2016-09-02 07:41:00 +1000
    My ongoing perception of government-run services, both as an employee and a consumer, is that the organizations and staff are generally overpaid, over fed and relatively unproductive. My perception of privately run services I s that they are lean, consumer friendly and highly responsive to consumer input. If they aren’t, they perish.

    As I am one of the numerous middle classes that have to both insure themselves privately and pay a large amount of tax every year to support the government services, I cannot see any good reason to support this petition.

    Indeed, if there are government employees who feel they will be disadvantaged and will be unable to find employment in the private sector once the services are sold off, perhaps they need to sharpen up their act instead of protesting about the sell-off. Good and reliable workers will always find employment somewhere.
  • Donny Tilbury
    commented 2016-09-02 06:17:24 +1000
    The Australian LNP Government seems, treacherously, to be selling off ALL our public services, power supplies, mining rights and real estate. Probably they know how limited their time as a Government will be and they are taking the money whilst they can. No one has asked the public how they feel about it… but the public is NOT where the interests of this government are. This government, its leaders and parliamentarians should be held to account for theft and handling stolen goods!
  • Heatherbelle Hill
    commented 2016-09-02 01:22:43 +1000
    If such services mentioned are effected than the Govt. should be prepared to pay every woman age no barrier and extra $2000.00 (two thousand dollars a week) extra and the men $1000.00 a week to compensate for the huge profits private companies will be making from us normal people.
  • Heatherbelle Hill
    commented 2016-09-02 01:15:56 +1000
    Well the Govt.better make sure that all women age no barrier get an extra $2000.00 (Two thousand dollars a week from the Govt. coffers to support there privatisation of these services. The men get paid an extra $1000.00 a week too.Because that is what it is going to cost us normal people to afford hospital and all other services Malcolm Turnbull is instigating.
  • David McMaster
    commented 2016-09-01 23:56:55 +1000
    Traps set by Knaves for fools, that’s what all this is about. Do not privatize our public services.

    It’s your ridiculous ideology that you will not give up!!!Prove to us that you care about a civilized society!!!
  • Alexandra Hodges
    commented 2016-09-01 22:58:19 +1000
    Our family is absolutely horrified at how our country is being undermined, sold off, plundered and our civilised way of life being destroyed at a rate that we find very distressing. The people have a right to government services ! Isn’t that why we pay our taxes and GST ? Both major parties are aiding and abetting the complete corporatisation of our once caring ‘fair go’ country, and the public are furious ! We are a community, not just consumers to be gouged, defrauded and scammed by greedy international businesses ! The hit on the pensioners is unconscionable ! These are the people who have worked hard to build this country ! No wonder the public, in desperation, have voted for independent minded individuals who care about the people and our country. The gutlessness of our major party politicians is nauseating !

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